₪ Realisation

A Buddhist Ghost Story:
When the wife of a man, who was very attached to him became very sick, she threatened him on her deathbed, 'If you ever remarry, I will haunt you!' So serious was she that she got him to swear he would never remarry. Also because she sounded so serious, the man promised. For some months after his bereavement, he struggled to avoid other women, though he still fell in love. On his engagement night, his ex-wife's ghost appeared to torment him, blaming him for failing to keep his word. To his shock, she would repeat everything he said to his fiancée, suggesting that she was watching him all the time. This would happen night after night.

Scared out of his wits, he begged a Zen master for help. Making sure that the ghost could not hear, the master whispered his secret tip into his ear. It was the solution to vanquish the ghost. As usual, the ghost returned that very night. Mustering his guts, the man gave an ultimatum, 'Since there is nothing I can hide, do answer a question. If you answer correctly, I will never remarry for life!' The ghost nodded. He then dipped his hand into a bag and grabbed a fistful of beans, 'How many beans there are in my hand?' At the very moment, the ghost disappeared for good. Even the man did not understand how his question worked - till he asked the master!

Well, how was the ghost 'magically' banished? The ghost was really a manifestation of the man's own mind - which was why 'she' knew everything that he knew! He was haunted by his own guilt, which became more apparent every night, while being fretful of his wife's 'curse'. It was only the 'ghost' of his guilty conscience at work. Just as he could never know how many beans there were in his hand (without counting), his conscience could not tell! The conscience only knows the wrong from the right - not matters like how many beans there are in a hand! There is then some truth to it, that those with clear consciences fear no ghosts! - Shen Shi'an
Your conscience knows what is right and wrong, but do you know your conscience? - Stonepeace
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₪ The Bible ~ Cremation

Question: "What does the Bible say about cremation? Is it wrong to cremate a person's body?"

Answer: The Bible does not give any specific teaching about cremation. There are occurrences in the Old Testament of people being burned to death (1 Kings 16:18; 2 Kings 21:6) and of human bones being burned (2 Kings 23:16-20), but these are not examples of cremation. It is interesting to note that in 2 Kings 23:16-20, burning human bones on an altar desecrated the altar. At the same time, the Old Testament law nowhere commands that a deceased human body not be burned, nor does it attach any curse or judgment on someone who is cremated.

Cremation was practiced in biblical times, but it was not commonly practiced by the Israelites or by New Testament believers. In the cultures of Bible times, burial in a tomb, cave, or in the ground was the common way to dispose of a human body (Genesis 23:19; 35:4; 2 Chronicles 16:14; Matthew 27:60-66). While burial was the common practice, the Bible nowhere commands burial as the only allowed method of disposing of a body.

Is cremation something a Christian can consider? Again, there is no explicit scriptural command against cremation. Some believers object to the practice of cremation on the basis it does not recognize that one day God will resurrect our bodies and re-unite them with our soul/spirit (1 Corinthians 15:35-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:16). However, the fact that a body has been cremated does not make it any more difficult for God to resurrect that body. The bodies of Christians who died a thousand years ago have, by now, completely turned into dust. This will in no way prevent God from being able to resurrect their bodies. He created them in the first place; He will have no difficulty re-creating them. Cremation does nothing but “expedite” the process of turning a body into dust. God is equally able to raise a person’s remains that have been cremated as He is the remains of a person who was not cremated. The question of burial or cremation is within the realm of Christian freedom. A person or a family considering this issue should pray for wisdom (James 1:5) and follow the conviction that results.
Source: gotQuestions.org

₪ NV Multi Corporation Bhd

NV Multi Corporation Berhad (NV Multi) is the only listed, integrated bereavement care provider in South East Asia. It consists of three main components: memorial parks managed by Nirvana Memorial Park Sdn Bhd, Nirvana Memorial Centers managed by NV Care Sdn Bhd and NV Alliance Sdn Bhd which is in charge of sales, marketing activities and agency affairs for Head Quarters and branch offices.

NV Multi believes in innovation and market expansion through high quality service and excellence of management.

NV Multi sets its objective as the largest integrated bereavement care provider in Asia with the objective of rendering total peace of mind for clients.
NV Multi Corp Bhd, Head Quarter Office, Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur

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₪ Rockwills Fees


₪ Affirmation ~ forgiveness

image courtesy of Prana-Violet Healing
This is a very powerful affirmation to clean the energy body from any external distrubance especially the attach cords. For maximum effect please repeat this forgiveness affirmation 3times twice or more per day. Click for more information about [Prana Violet Healing]

Forgiveness Affirmation
To the, Supreme God,
Divine Father, Divine Mother,
To my Higher Soul,
My Spiritual Guides,
To All the spiritual Guides
To My Spiritual Helpers,
To All The Spiritual Helpers
The Healing Angels,
To The Great Karmic Board,
I humbly invoke for Divine forgiveness
for all my wrong doings commited knowingly or unknowingly
in my past lives and present life.
I also forgive everyone for all their wrongdoings towards me and my family.
Please cast out all fear and doubt in me.
I am Forgiving and Forgeting,
I am Forgiving and Forgetting,
I am Forgiving and Forgeting.
I Conciously Accept this Manifest, Manifest, Manifest
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
(Repeat 3X 2 X per day or More)

₪ Superstition

Stevie Wonder sang it right ~ When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way, no, no, no..Common taboo to most Chinese is not to associate anything with No.4 just as the majority of Westerners would stay away from No. 13. Oops BTW coincidently without realising it today is Friday the 13th (friggatriskaidekaphobia). Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on a Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck. In the Gregorian calendar, this day occurs at least once, but at most three times a year. Any month's 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday ₪.

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall
Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past

When you believe in things that you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way

Very superstitious, wash your face and hands
Rid me of the problem, do all that you can
Keep me in a daydream, keep me goin' strong
You don't wanna save me, sad is my song

When you believe in things that you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way, yeh, yeh

Very superstitious, nothin' more to say
Very superstitious, the devil's on his way
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass
Seven years of bad luck, good things in your past

When you believe in things that you don't understand
Then you suffer
Superstition ain't the way, no, no, no

₪ Distribution Act 1958

West Malaysis & Sarawak Only (as amended in 1997)

₪ GoodBye Bhante

Bhante U Pavara aka Chin Pee Fooi (Sept 09 1951 - Aug 05 2010) who was our neighbor of 8 years and has been a great friend and mentor. Very unfortunate to have been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in 2009 who underwent chemotherapy and treatment which interrupted his spreading of dharmma. Bhante died peacefully 'with siblings and friends at his side' at age 59, almost a year of battling with carcinoma which spread to the liver. He was cremated and his ashes placed in Heritage Court niches at Shah Alam Memorial Park. RIP Bhante we missed you dearly. ₪